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15 "Frequently Asked Questions" About Associate Degree Programs

15 "Frequently Asked Questions" About Associate Degree Programs


St. Vincent’s College is a leading Connecticut college focused on health careers. We offer our future students many opportunities to visit the College and explore the degree programs and meet our faculty. Our students come from all over the region and as you can see from that picture below, they are ecstatic when they graduate.



We wanted to tell you, our future student, about how we help you decide if St. Vincent’s is the right place for you. So we prepared these 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about our very popular Associate Degree programs for nursing and radiography. We will follow up with a similar FAQ about our other programs in upcoming blogs.  

Should you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or browse our website and blogs for more perspectives on our programs.

Associate Degrees: 15 Frequently Asked Questions

What are those questions that we hear from almost every student applicant that is looking at our AS program?

 Here they are. 

 1. Does St. Vincent’s College accept credits from other colleges?

Yes. For the Associate Degree programs we will accept up to 50% of the total amount of credits needed to graduate. For example, in order to graduate from the Nursing or Radiography program you must complete 72 credits. You may transfer to St. Vincent's up to 36 general education credits.  Our admissions team, upon submission of your transcript(s), will do a transfer evaluation. We take three things into consideration: when you have taken the courses, where you have taken the courses and if the courses are equivalent to the courses that we require to complete the degree. 

 2. Does St. Vincent’s College require any prerequisite courses before starting in the major?

Yes. For Nursing and Radiography the College requires Human Biology and Chemistry before starting classes in the major.

3. What is the Pre-Major program?

The Pre-Major program is designed for students who demonstrate potential but are not admitted directly into the Nursing or Radiography major.

4. What courses are required in the Pre-Major programs?

You are required to take A&P I, II, Microbiology (Nursing), Physics (Radiography) and College Algebra.  A passing grade for these courses is B in the science courses and C+ in math.

5. How much additional time will the Pre-Major add to the Associate Degree programs?

The Pre-Major program adds one to two semesters depending on when you enter the program and the amount of transfer credits you receive for courses taken at other institutions.

6. Once I complete the requirements for the Pre-Major program will I be admitted into the major?

Providing you complete all of the Pre-Major requirements successfully, you will be admitted into the major. It is not necessary to reapply.

7. How will I know what classes to register for? Will I have an advisor to help me?

Once you make your deposit, you will be given a date to come to the College to register for classes.  At that time you will meet with an academic advisor. Based on your course of study and transfer credits granted, you will be given a program plan. Your academic advisor will then assist you in selecting your courses for the semester. During your first semester you will be assigned a permanent faculty advisor who will guide you through the process going forward.

8. Does the College have a residency requirement?

Yes. You are required to complete at the College 50% of the coursework required to earn a degree. No clinical classes may be taken outside of St. Vincent’s College.

9. Is your College “adult friendly”?

Absolutely! The average age of a student at St. Vincent’s College is 33.  We cater to adult students by offering flexible class schedules and online courses. Our focus is on helping our students balance work, studies and their home responsibilities. Associate Degree in Nursing and Associate Degree in Radiography offer excellent careers for you. 

10. Why does St. Vincent’s College require a background check and health assessment?

A background check on students that we admit is one way to keep our campus safer.  Also, we are concerned with the health and well-being of the patients that you will serve. And, many states require a clear background check in order to hire healthcare workers. The health assessment is necessary to comply with Connecticut state laws requiring certain immunizations. The College also requires a drug screening.

11. Am I guaranteed employment once I graduate?

No reputable college will guarantee employment to its graduates. However, careers in healthcare are lucrative and the job market indicates that careers in healthcare are on the rise.

12. After I complete my Associate Degree Program, does St. Vincent’s College offer any Bachelor’s Degree program?

Yes. The College offers two well-respected online completion programs: the Online RN to BSN Completion Program and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiologic Sciences. You will find excellent programs with highly dedicated faculty. 

13. How much do Nurses and Radiographers earn upon graduation?

In Connecticut, a Nurse can expect to earn $60-65K and a Radiographer $50-55K -- more for those who hold Bachelor’s Degrees.

14. How do I get started?

You may apply online at . Click “Apply Now” and follow the prompts. There is no application fee.

15. Who can I call if I have any questions?

We love to hear from future students! Please call me, Joe Marrone, Director of Admissions at 203-576-5515 or email me at [email protected]. I will be happy to help guide you through the admissions process.

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