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The web is a treasure trove of information and inspiration about RNs—nursing humor, fashion, resources, nursing career advice and so much more....

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"Why I Chose Radiography"

Many laypeople, perhaps most, have only a vague idea about what a medical radiographer—also called a radiologic technologist, or rad tech—really does....

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Jobs in Radiography

When you qualify as a radiographer—also called a radiologic technologist, rad tech, or X-ray technician—you’re entering one of the hottest professions...

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The Lifelong Value of a BSN Degree

We’ve long known that the nursing profession is experiencing major changes. New technologies, business practices and health insurance laws are pushing...

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The Surprising Ways Higher Education Benefits Us All

As a culture, we place a high value on education. We know that a sound education is the pathway to a stable job and a decent standard of living—not a...

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Could A Radiography Career Be Right For You?

If you’re drawn to the healthcare field and are seeking an emotionally rewarding career that offers financial stability, maybe radiography is a good...

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Nursing Student Brian Sager: From Baseball to Bedside

Brian Sager, 35, just completed his first semester in St. Vincent’s College AS Nursing program. Born and raised in Orange, CT, he now lives in...

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6 Reasons to Make Medical Coding Your New Career

Do you like the idea of working in healthcare and you enjoy working with numbers? Consider a career in medical coding.

Medical coders are healthcare...

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"How Completing My RN-BSN Changed My Life"

Going back to college as an adult is a huge step. You may have children to care for, a mortgage to pay, and a demanding job. You know you’ll have to...
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Going Back to College at 40 and Beyond

What is it like to be an "adult learner" in college? As an older student you have advantages you may not be aware of. If you are considering returning to...

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