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Best RN-BSN Program: 9 Reasons to Choose St. Vincent's College

Best RN-BSN Program: 9 Reasons to Choose St. Vincent's College


Are you an RN who is ready to earn your baccalaureate?  You are making an important commitment to your profession and you know the value of a BSN. Here's why you should consider St. Vincent's RN to BSN completion program:

1. You will receive dedicated academic support

Since the inception of our RN-BSN program in January 2011, our students have achieved consistently high academic standards in all their course work. Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 during their enrollment in the RN-BSN program. Our faculty is dedicated to helping them meet this requirement and successfully complete their baccalaureate. Looking at all the students who enrolled in the nursing major since January 2011 and completed (or will have completed) the program by May 2015, 93% of them have graduated with their BSN degrees, often in less than 3 years.

2. You will earn a nationally recognized degree

St. Vincent’s program holds accreditation from the Connecticut Office of Higher Education, the New England Association of Schools & Colleges, and nursing accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (formerly the NLNAC). There are other advantages as well: This accreditation is required if you need to apply for tuition aid to complete your degree or if you later decide to enroll in a post-graduate program.

3. You will be taught by experienced faculty

All our fulltime faculty members hold doctoral degrees. Members of the adjunct faculty hold a minimum of a master’s degree and most are also advanced practice nurses (APRN). Our faculty holds online office hours as well as live chat sessions. On-campus office hours can also be scheduled.

4. You can choose a time to study that’s best for you

St. Vincent’s flexible online courses are presented in an asynchronous format – meaning students do not have set times each day at which they must be online at the same time. You can log on to your online classes at the time that works best for you.

Download our guide: "15 Things to Know About Getting Your BSN"

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5. You can take core courses year round

The general education courses that are part of the core baccalaureate program are offered year-round in fall, spring and summer sessions. This allows you to complete your core course work on a flexible schedule.

6. You will have a support team and mentors

Each January and August, new cohorts of students enter the RN-BSN nursing sequence, starting with Nursing 310, Nursing Informatics. Each new cohort consists of about 20 students who are all entering the nursing major at the same time. The advantage of the cohort concept is that it fosters teamwork and the creation of support systems among our students. As a cohort member, you will meet other students in your class during an initial onsite orientation. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the faculty. The orientation session also provides a face-to-face forum for discussing the program and the mentoring experience.

7. You can transfer up to 84 credits from your prior college education

A commonly asked question is: What happens with my prior college work? We will accept up to 84 credits into our program, which has a total credit requirement of 120-122 credits. The last 30 credits of your course of study must be completed at St. Vincent’s College. It doesn’t matter how long ago you did your prior college work as long as you earned the credits at an accredited institution and achieved a grade of C or better. This may set your mind at ease if you’ve been concerned about having to repeat science or psychology courses. After you’ve had your official transcripts sent to the College, we will prepare a customized program plan and send it to you for review. Individual meetings with the program chair can be scheduled to review and discuss your program in person.

Depending on your prior college credits, you may be eligible for the 15-month program option that is offered each January. This determination is made after review of all official transcripts and discussions with the program chair.

8. You will have a unique, personalized clinical experience

The last two courses of the program, Community Nursing and Leadership in Nursing, require that the student have a 45-hour clinical experience in each area with a BSN-prepared mentor. The student and mentor meet at a mutually convenient time to identify a healthcare problem or issue. The student then researches the literature regarding this problem or issue, and proposes a solution and ways to implement the solution. In the past, our students have worked on some exciting projects: They’ve prepared brochures on breastfeeding and on diet compliance for cardiac patients. They’ve produced bilingual shopping guides. They have attended meetings with institution leaders about staffing, budget, compliance and community issues to learn the role of the nurse leader.

The student arranges the clinical experience with faculty guidance. The student decides where to complete their experience, and the College prepares the affiliation agreements. The College also has multiple sites available for the students to select from, including St. Vincent’s Medical Center and its affiliates, Stamford Hospital, Yale-New Haven Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, regional hospice and the Bridgeport Public School nurses. The culmination of these experiences is a research-based, written submission.

9. Our financial aid office is ready to help you

We encourage students early on in their academic journey to contact our financial aid office. Many of the students entering the RN-BSN program do receive some level of tuition assistance from their employers.

I hope this has helped to answer questions you might have about the many advantages of choosing to complete your BSN degree here at St. Vincent’s College. We are passionate about preparing our students to be the very best healthcare providers they can be. If you are looking for the best RN-BSN program, this might be the place for you.

Are you ready to take the next step toward getting your BSN? You can begin the application process here. It’s simple and easy to do online.

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