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How Our RN to BSN Program Meets Changing Healthcare Trends

How Our RN to BSN Program Meets Changing Healthcare Trends


No matter which healthcare trend article you read these days—Microscope-008-337205-editedwhether it’s a report from the Institute of Medicine or from the National League for Nursing, or an analysis of the ways the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will impact nursing—they all confirm that the healthcare arena is in the midst of extraordinary changes. The largest segment of healthcare providers consists of nurses, and these changes are having a significant impact on them—on the way they practice and on their education.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways St. Vincent’s College online RN to BSN program addresses the trends affecting healthcare delivery today. To read the full report, click the button below.

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Cultural Diversity

Our population is more culturally diverse than ever. Understanding patients’ cultural and ethnic background is vital to holistic care. Transcultural Nursing (Nursing 333) and Community Nursing (Nursing 345) are just two of the courses in which students learn to apply their skills in a variety of settings such as outpatient clinics, hospitals and at community events.


Technology plays an increasingly important role in healthcare today. Consumers are turning to the Internet for answers to their questions. Nurses need to understand issues related to electronic healthcare records. Our Nursing Informatics (Nursing 310) course teaches students about the use of technology as it relates to patient information and electronic healthcare records.

Alternative Modalities

Subjects related to integrative care and end-of-life issues are becoming part of mainstream healthcare. Our  Palliative Nursing (Nursing 302) and Alternatives in Healthcare (Nursing 302) courses allow students to provide patients and their families with current and relevant information.

Scientific Rigor

Nursing practice based on science and research is growing. The need to provide patients with safe, quality, and cost-effective care has encouraged evidence-based practices. Our Nursing Research (Nursing 322) and statistics courses give nurses a basic understanding of research methods and statistical analysis. The courses teach students how to search the current literature and critically evaluate published findings.

Download Our Trends Report

The RN to BSN faculty at St. Vincent’s College is dedicated to providing current, challenging and relevant education. Our RN to BSN curriculum incorporates the transitioning healthcare environment. To learn more about our online RN to BSN program, read our special report for RNs: 15 Things to Know About Getting Your BSN.

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