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Transfer Credits in 5 Easy Steps

Are you considering a college degree that will set you on the path toward an exciting career in healthcare? St. Vincent’s College offers associate (AS)...

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The Surprising Ways Higher Education Benefits Us All

As a culture, we place a high value on education. We know that a sound education is the pathway to a stable job and a decent standard of living—not a...

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What is a Medical Assistant?

When you walk into a healthcare facility and see a staff member wearing a laboratory coat, do you automatically think “doctor”? And if you see staff...

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Could A Radiography Career Be Right For You?

If you’re drawn to the healthcare field and are seeking an emotionally rewarding career that offers financial stability, maybe radiography is a good...

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Nursing Student Brian Sager: From Baseball to Bedside

Brian Sager, 35, just completed his first semester in St. Vincent’s College AS Nursing program. Born and raised in Orange, CT, he now lives in...

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15 "Frequently Asked Questions" About Associate Degree Programs


St. Vincent’s College is a leading Connecticut college focused on health careers. We offer our future students many opportunities to...

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Nursing Students Volunteer at March for Babies.

Over the weekends of April 26 and May 3, students from the NUR123 class (Family Concepts in Nursing) participated in the March of Dimes: March for...

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Find Your First Nursing Job

Every year in May or June, and again in December, I hold a career workshop for St. Vincent’s College students who are about to graduate. Some are just...

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How Our RN to BSN Program Meets Changing Healthcare Trends


No matter which healthcare trend article you read these days—whether it’s a report from the Institute of Medicine or from the National League for...

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Radiography Student Volunteers at Iglesia Pentecostal

At St. Vincent’s, all Radiography students commit time to serving their local in-need community. During the semester leading up to my graduation in May, I...

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