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Top Nursing Blogs, Books, Apps and More

Top Nursing Blogs, Books, Apps and More


The web is a treasure trove of information and inspiration about RNs—nursing humor, fashion, resources, nursing career advice and so much more. What’s your favorite site? Tell us on Facebook! Meanwhile, here’s a list to begin the conversation:

1. Apps for Students

Writing medical academic papers is no joke. We all need all the help we can get, especially if we want an A.'s list of apps for nursing college students, put together by Robert Morris, includes recommendations that will help you understand complex subjects, organize your thoughts and write like a pro.

2. YouTube for RNs

If you haven’t already sampled some of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of RN and nursing student-related videos on YouTube, you’re in for a treat. has a curated list of recommendations, along with an important caveat: “Whether one is posting videos or watching them, it is important to respect HIPAA laws. YouTube may be a great studying tool, but it's vital to make sure the information provided is in fact correct by cross-referencing and/or asking a Professor in your Nursing program.”

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3. Nurse Keith

This prolific blogger, entrepreneur and radio show host shows up on every nursing blog roundup, and with good reason. You’ll find smart insights about growing your healthcare career on his blog as well as occasional digressions into spirituality and personal topics.

4. Jon Haws, RN, CCRN

Don’t you just love people who come up with clever devices to help you learn stuff you absolutely have to know? Meet Jon Haws, author of more than a dozen books with titles like Nursing Mnemonics: 94 Memory Tricks to Demolish Nursing School, Lab Values: 63 Must-Know Labs for Nurses, and 76 Diabetes Nursing Questions (Practice Questions and Rationales).

5. Donna Carillo, RN, MSN

Carillo is the nursing career advice blogger at, and her sensible, informed insights span a range of nursing job issues, for example: “How can a 2011 BSN grad without a work history get a job in a hospital;” and “Should I take a job in long-term care even though I don’t have an interest in it?”

6. Cheryl Isenberg, aka “casi Ann RN”

Casi Ann has one of the more popular nursing-related boards on She writes: “I love nursing. I am a registered nurse. I've been nursing for over 32 years. And, I will continue until I retire. I have been a NICU, PICU, School nurse, IV nurse, pediatric, medical surgical and now hospice nurse.” You’ll find an eclectic and often inspiring mix of quotations, cards, videos and products on her site.

7. Suzanne Gordon

Collaborative Caring: Stories and Reflections on Teamwork in Healthcare, by award-winning healthcare journalist Suzanne Gordon, delves into an important, trending topic. Gordon describes her book, which came out in January 2015, as “a collection of 50 rubber-hits-the road stories about what it means to implement teamwork, work on teams, or to work in settings in which there is no teamwork.  The wonderful people who contributed their essays include physicians, social workers, bedside registered nurses, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, and hospital administrators.”


This site, published by Johnson & Johnson, is a comprehensive resource for nurses and those aspiring to become nurses. You’ll find a ton of information about nursing scholarships, profiles of nurses, industry trends, and more. There’s also an excellent section on nursing specialties—did you know there are 104 nursing specialties?! 

What are YOUR favorite nursing-related blogs, books and apps? What about films and TV series? Post your suggestions on St. Vincent’s Facebook page.

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