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What is a Medical Assistant?

What is a Medical Assistant?

When you walk into a healthcare facility and see a staff member wearing a laboratory coat, do you Medical_Assistantsautomatically think “doctor”? And if you see staff wearing a uniform, do you think “nurse”? It’s quite common for people to think that there are only two categories of medical staff: either nurse or doctor. But in reality, there are many different types of healthcare professionals—and some wear uniforms while others wear laboratory coats.

One critical team member of the healthcare team is the medical assistant, who could be female or male and wear a uniform or a lab coat. It is not unusual for the medical assistant to be mistaken for “the nurse.” Some people don’t know that medical assisting is actually at the heart of health care—or that it is a vibrant, fast-growing career.

If you're interested in health, in helping people, and you believe that your career options are limited to becoming a doctor or nurse, read on! You may find that medical assisting is just the right career for you.

Medical assistant jobs

A medical assistant (MA) is employed in a healthcare setting such as a physician’s practice or a walk-in clinic. He or she may perform administrative, clinical, and/or laboratory procedures in an outpatient environment. The medical assistant is pivotal in keeping the flow of patient care moving. An MA is a valuable, multi-skilled healthcare professional.  There is no such thing as a dull, boring day; every day is different and filled with activity.  

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Medical assistant salary

How much do certified medical assistants earn? According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for this job is $29,370. Of course, salaries vary geographically.  According to, Connecticut is number 4 among the top 10 highest paying states for the profession. The median annual MA salary in Connecticut is about $36,403 (, which is above the national average. With the proper education and a wide range of experience, you can expect to earn more. You can also expect opportunities to open up: Jobs in this field are projected to grow at the rate of 29 percent between 2012 and 2022. That’s a faster growth rate than for most other professions. Ready to learn more?

You can find out how to get your medical assistant certification here. St. Vincent’s College admissions team is standing by to help you take the leap into this fulfilling career. We love to hear from potential students! Call us at (203) 576-5651 or email [email protected]. Or click on the button below to learn more about this exciting career path.


 Read What MA Grads Say

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